Just Checking OCD

A little bit about me…

‘What if’ I could write a blog that could help others also suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.

“I can’t do this, I’ll be sure to fail and everyone will laugh at me”. Maybe they will maybe they wont, something I can never be certain of and that is okay.

I’m 29 years of age living in Melbourne, Australia with my partner and border collie. I’m just trying to live my best life, although at times OCD can make this very difficult.

I’ve grown up with OCD from a young age ranging from having irrational thoughts about contamination where I would wash my hands until they would bleed.

My OCD as an adult involves false memories and irrational thoughts against my character and morals, where Im always questioning “Am I a bad person?”, what even defines a bad person?!

I have also always been a quadruple checker of the stove and the taps so I don’t burn the house down and kill my dog or cause a flood where he drowns.

It doesn’t matter what ‘theme’ of OCD you have. They are all similar in the sense of how you can treat it. We all have an obsession regardless of whether it’s about harm, contamination, pedophilia, religious scrupulosity (just to name a few), and we all have compulsive behaviours to temporarily reduce the anxiety and stress the obsession creates.

I’ve been in therapy doing Exposure Response Therapy (ERP) for the last year which for me has helped significantly. I also believe meditation is essential to organising your thoughts and reducing the anxiety associated with OCD.

I’m not a therapist, I’m just wanting to share my journey through OCD and hopefully help others through their journey.

Lots of love



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